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Welcome to Nova Dental, your trusted family dentist in Houston, TX! Here, we transform smiles and build lasting relationships one appointment at a time. Our mission is to provide the highest quality dental care with a commitment to advanced technology and a compassionate touch. Here, you're not just a patient but a valued member of our dental family.

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Meet Our Smile Experts

Dr. Milad Balai
Dr. Milad Balai
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Dr. Fadi Tatari

Meet Our Smile Experts

Exceptional dental care is about more than just treating issues. We are committed to doing the right thing every single time for every single patient so you can enjoy the healthy, attractive smile you deserve.

Blending Passion & Artistry

With decades of experience, Dr. Fadi Tatari embodies a genuine passion for transforming smiles and fostering meaningful patient relationships. From your very first appointment, you can trust his commitment to your dental journey.

Highly Trained Team

Our team is committed to delivering the quality care you deserve. From dental implants to Invisalign, we offer a wide range of treatments tailored to your needs. Choose Nova Dental for a dental experience that goes beyond the ordinary – your smile deserves nothing less!

Who We Are

The Nova Dental team is your partner in oral health. Located in the heart of Houston, our warm and welcoming atmosphere sets the stage for exceptional dental experiences for patients of all ages. Whether you're looking for a routine checkup, teeth cleaning, cosmetic enhancement, or emergency dental care, we have you covered.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We raise the bar in dentistry every single day. Dr. Fadi Tatari, our experienced dentist, leads our team in providing top-tier services using state-of-the-art dental equipment. We believe that every patient deserves the very best, and we're here to make sure you receive it.

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Comprehensive Dental Services

As your trusted family dentist, we offer a wide range of services to cater to your unique dental needs. Here's a glimpse of what we provide:

Preventive Care

Keeping your smile healthy starts with regular checkups and teeth cleanings. Our preventive care services are designed to maintain your oral health and catch any issues early, ensuring your smile stays bright.

Cosmetic Dentistry

When you're looking to enhance your smile's appearance, our cosmetic dentistry services are at your service. From teeth whitening to veneers, crowns, and more, we'll help you achieve the dazzling smile you've always wanted.

Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies can be stressful, but you can count on us for prompt and effective emergency dental services. Whether it's bonding, root canals, crowns, or bridges, we're here to ease your discomfort and restore your smile.

Advanced Technology

In our pursuit of excellence, we employ advanced dental equipment like intraoral cameras, CBCT scans, and 3D printers to ensure the highest level of precision and care in every treatment.

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Building Lifelong Relationships

As your local Houston dentist, we take immense pride in creating lifelong relationships with our patients, their families, and the community. When you choose Nova Dental, you're not just a one-time appointment; you become part of our dental family. We're here to care for your smiles throughout the years, guiding you through your dental journey with compassion and expertise.

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A Comfortable and Relaxed Environment

Safety Matters

Health Screenings
Contactless Check-in
Advanced Sanitization
Advanced Sanitization
Fully Equipped Staff
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Connect with Us

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